Philosophy of MATE

Crafted personally, envisioned intimately, MATE ceramics inspire a deeper appreciation for the beauty in everyday moments. Each piece is carefully crafted, carrying the essence of individuality and artistry.

MATE Ceramics is a young ceramic label founded by Designer Maker Marie Technau. It focuses on the relationship between person and object with the intention to create unique, personal, functional objects for everyday use.

Marie creates all ceramic pieces by hand, connecting with the material during the creative process, infusing each vessel with its life story. Each ceramic piece narrates its origin, carrying the distinct imprints of craftsmanship. As it becomes a part of someone else’s daily life in a new home, the story of each piece takes on a new chapter, continuing to evolve and unfold. MATE Ceramics are designed to be more than mere objects; they’re here to become your enduring companions on your journey, much like a special friend – a true mate

Originally from the field of communication design, Marie Technau was mainly active in the digital world. Over time, however, her desire for a more haptic, decelerated and intuitive approach to her work grew. With her label, MATE Ceramics, she found a way to combine her passion for design with the physical design and creation of her works. In 2023, with her studio partner, Franziska Nebel, she founded Keramik Club, a space for creativity, connection, craftsmanship and deceleration. Here, Marie regularly shares her passion for ceramics in the form of workshops.